Contemporary, Ballet, Improvisation, Choreography, Partnering, Authentic Movement

Teaching Philosophy

 “I always think of improvisation as being wind in my face.”- Trisha Brown 

 Dance is a communication of the self as it pertains to everything that which surrounds it. When the mind is free and at ease, aware of every tiny sound, space, light, and texture it is immersed in dance. Everyone can dance, but to master the art form one must dig deep into their soul, understand what they want, feel the ebb and flow of life, and live in the present in every single minute movement of their body.  Like learning to meditate, learning to dance can enliven the meaning of existence for everyone and that meaning will continue to change as does everything.

 I focus my class on investigating different qualities of energy applied within the imagination to explore the Kinesthetic relation of the body in space. I mix codified techniques, phrase work, situational perspectives and improvisation to invite our most deliberate body and mind in a cohabiting relationship. Through somatic exercises, I encourage the opening of the energy channels by locating the different paths of breath, tension, and vibration of the moving body.  I encourage exploration inside specific tasks to invite new ways of moving in our daily practice, and locate and improve habits within the body's memory. From an intelligent open body, we are able to explore the transfer of weight, being rooted to the ground for stability, risking being off balance, coordination, and continuous qualities.  I emphasize the movement initiating from our cores connection with the floor and its ability to pull towards and away from gravity. I believe the real communication through dance is spoken by our breath and the spines expression. The most beautiful cohesive dance, places importance in the transitions from one movement idea to another and how to make it seamless or infinite, like time itself. 

 (Pre Doctoral Lecturer at University Washington, Guest Contemporary technique teacher for Aterballetto, Nuovo Balletto Classico ex-Liliana Cosi/Stefanescu School in Reggio Emilia, Balletto Toscana, CIMD Milano, Shen Wei Dance Arts summer intensive, Shoonya and Bangalore School of Performing Arts, and University California Santa Barbara.)