“The body is to be compared, not to a physical object but rather to a work of art.” -Maurice Merleau Ponty

This work was created on the undergraduate students of University of Washington. It incorporates three worlds for which moments like memories are re created, yet never happen the same way.

Dancers Natalie Fernandi, Kelly Langsley, and Zhang Zhongxian

Costume and Set by Sarah Lisette Chiesa, Lighting Design by Peter Braciliano, Music by Daniel Faure, Requiem, Op48 Pie Jesu, David Lang Amjad Sleeping Panorama, and Kurt Weill, Three Penny Opera, performed by Lotta Lenya

photo c. Warren Woo

Meany Center for Performing Arts University of Washington

May 16-19, 2019


I am a rebel and a non-conformist, I oppress conditions put on us by society and its need for immediate comprehension and obsession with control. Improvisation is my solace. I am concerned with normalcy and seek unconventional beauty in vulnerability and honesty through a language without words – dance. I wonder if we are able to interpret anything with pure objectivity or if our cognitive structures are permanent in every interpretation of a work of art?

In Chronicles, I present a series of events from birth to this contemporary moment.  I dress and undress my armor or plaster casted body and want to expose the essence of what is contained by my vessel. This solo is a heavily scored landscape in space, that explores through improvisation and choreographic meeting points, various psychological and physical states of being.

1Shanthiroad Studio Gallery Bangalore India

August 26, 2017


Choreographed by Me

Music Max Richter, Dimitri Shostakovich, NASA sounds of Saturns Rings

46 Dance Students of ex Cosi/Stefanescu Scuola NBC


Teatro Ariosto Reggio Emilia, Italy

June 10, 2017




The Cycle

Work in progress about the cycle of life, death, life. 

Music Alberto Benati and Dimitri Rufolo 

Dancers Angelica Fossemo and Eleonora Violini

Teatro San Prospero Reggio Emilia, Italy

September 17, 2016


This solo is about being some one vs being no one internally and externally in society. It is a development of exploring two different movement qualities that involve defining and re-defining personal image. The movement is drawn from taking moist clay and imprinting body parts into the clay, sensing the effort to penetrate the clay and the effort to come out of it and walk away. 

Music: Lischtz Liebestraume #3, Phil Phillips

Cultural Center De la Flroida , Santiago Chile 2015

(This solo was created in collaboration with French Artist Lea Thomen for a one-week workshop of movement and concept ideas in Reggio Emilia) 


This work is based on the concept of Lucid dreaming, for which i created two dreamlike pieces happening at the same time. Using film projections, theatrical imagery, large plastic tarp, and an inflatable raft, I transformed a theater into a tank filled with water.  I projected moving images, from POV(point of view) perspective, of surfaces of bodies of water, exemplifying the place between the conscious and the subconscious.   

Choreography: Sarah Lisette Chiesa  

Dancers: Students of Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance

Austria May 15, 2014


This work is based around the idea that in life, people are constantly traveling to new unknown places, for work and for pleasure.  Along our journey we collect many things and people.  We put them all so to speak inside our giant bag, our body, our minds, and take them with us as we travel to the next destination. 

"The beauty of  the unpredictability within inevitability."

Choreography: Sarah Lisette Chiesa

Dancers: Students of SEAD

Music: Steve Reich Piano Phase Austria

Republic Theater 2013-2014