Loro Sono Loro/ They are Them

Installation of Dance, Body Casts, Gender, and Investigation of Relationships.  In collaboration and creation with Brandon Whited and University California Santa Barbara Research Grant.  Music Dom Bouffard, Casting Sarah Lisette Chiesa, Costume Monica Salsi.


Mutty Gallery and Bibliotecca Italy

December 17, 2017


Yolanda DID

Installation of Dance, Sound, Spoken Word, and Sculpture.  Music Dom Bouffard, Poem Terence Chiesa, Dancers Naomi Lupescu, Leah Morrison, Francesca Sprocatti, Katie Griffler, Susan Paulson, Ryan Pliss, and I.  

Looking at the body as a container and interacting physically with the container detached from the body itself.  

Widow Jane MIne Rosendale NY, USA

July 31, 2016


An Evening of Sound, Sculpture and Dance created and performed by Alberto Benati, Alfredo Miti, Fabio Mina, Franco Lanfredi, Luca Prandini and myself.  Presented in Spazio Gerra in Reggio Emilia, where three floors of the museum were filled with installation both immersive and interactive. 

Spazio Gerra, Reggio Emilia, Italy 




This piece was a site-specific contemporary dance installation in the Usine C Theater in Montreal.  It was a re-instating and comparison of the old building a Comfiture owned by Alphonse Raymond in the early 20th century and its evolution to an Experimental Art Venue. I used wood, visual art, aluminum foil, and a frying pan. 

 I drew for inspiration from a book of essays, Place Art in the Public Realm (p.2) created in Stockholm Sweden written in 2012.

"The overwhelming system of walls and staircases combine into structures that hide and prevent access to the interior, an interior that constitutes the very center of power—the transcendental power of myths and religion, symbolized through the body of the ruler or the rituals of priesthood. If architecture indeed begins as a manifestation of power, it is not merely a matter of monumentalizing power as a physical form; it is by making its core a secret.” - essay by architect Catherina Gabrielsson.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dramaturge: Steve Cooke (special feedback Johannes Wieland)

Springboard Danse Montreal.

 Usine C Montreal 2014


“Human beings carry weight; family, society, stress, trauma, physical health, mortality, consciousness, money. These burdens are inescapable and universal. However, in moments of great clarity, we have the capacity to shed these encumbrances and find ourselves weightless.”

 This work was an installation as part of the Dumbo Dance Festival/White Wave Dance Festival in Brooklyn New York curated by Young-Sun Kim. 

Music: Lathan Hardy

Dancers: Cecily Campbell, Kate Jewett, Cynthia Koppe, Alex-Dean Speedy, Erin Beneze, Bradley Ellis, Jordan Isadore, and myself.

 Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA


Untitled by Sarah Lisette Chiesa.jpg


Solo inspired by Maria Rainer Rilke's advice for a young artist on Solitude.  

This piece was projected in a wooden sculpted bathtub from the areal perspective, as if looking in on someones solitude. 

Film: Aaron Chiesa and Lindsay Graham

Music: Beethoven Moonlight Sonata

Duo Emergence Gallery, "Media Diet"

East Village NY, USA