Women Stroke for Stroke in their Race to Equality

Performance Art Installation and Collaboration about the ongoing situation of the women’s rowing team and disparate inequalities between men and women in competition. This work was a culmination of performance, reenactment of historical moment “Title IX”, Interviews, physically learning the sport, and women working as a team to rid our gender association that binds us to a life of being seen as second best.

Performed by Sarah Lisette Chiesa, Elise Beuke, and Alicia Crowley

Photo Credit Steve Korn

Boat donated by Pockock Rowing Center

ASUW Shellhouse

June 7, 2019


Concept and interactive media by Chanhee Choi

Choreography by Sarah Lisette Chiesa

Music by Cameron Fraser

Oxbow Gallery Seattle, USA

April 13, 19 201

Where Does the white go?

By PierGriorgio Casotti Photography and Book 

Text by Mario Vighi

Music by Luciano Bosi

Choreography by Sarah Lisette Chiesa

We created a collaboration and presentation of Peir's new book of portraits based on the people living in isolation in the mountains of Reggio Emilia Italy. 

Spazio Labo Bologna, Italy

Mutty Gallery Catiglione delle Stiviere MN


Tenderly pushed aside 


Ryan Guzmon and I created this duet for the production of Puzzle Me.   We built a level of exchanging energy and trust to create a imbalanced relationship that plays with violence and tenderness at the same time. 

Triennale D’Arte Milano, Italy

Milano Expo 2015