Loro Sono Loro

by Sarah Lisette Chiesa and Brandon Whited




In a period of androgyny, we look into the future of the human being: grounded in humility; perceived without judgment. Not ‘she’ and ‘he’, but they. We are not defined by the biological (sex) linked to the identity of ‘woman’ or ‘man’ – like Adam and Eve – we are different and interchangeable. Through a playful, and experimental process, removing and trading parts of our gendered bodies, we hope to interrogate—through movement and visual performance art—the very structures and topography of the human form.  The curve of a hip; the slant of a nose; the round breast in contrast to a flatter, more contoured chest; the shape and slant of the shoulder; and the scaffolding of more intimate structures all rendered transferable, physical objects.   It is our goal that the viewer envisions our bodies—like gendered chimeras—in contrast to society’s normative perceptions of gender, and, then reconsider their personal relationship to body, spirit and identity. Now, more than ever, transgender experience, gender-nonconforming identification, and queer/polyandrous communities are finally visible in contemporary socio-political considerations—however contentious.  With real change on the horizon, engagement through visual art, design, and dance might lead to the understanding and self-reflection needed for full inclusion and civil recognition of these populations.

music by Dom Bouffard

costumes by Monica Salsi